Today, it is important to recognise the full potential of hydrogen to avoid missing out on joining the rapid market development.

Green hydrogen can be deployed everywhere and is both a clean fuel and storage medium, making it indispensable for decarbonisation.

Energy storage using green hydrogen is about to experience a fast growth spurt. On the one hand, this growth is fuelled by the accelerated expansion of renewable energies, whose volatility makes energy storage necessary, and on the other hand by the rapidly falling costs of storage technologies.

The 2020s will be the crucial decade in the fight against climate change. If the aims of the Paris Agreement are to be achieved (limiting global warming to 1.5 °C and achieving net zero carbon emissions), then the global decarbonisation rate must be increased fivefold every year until 2030.

No fuel is as diverse as hydrogen.

Therefore, hydrogen is regarded by many as the solution for the green energy future that has the potential to replace hydrocarbon in many applications and sectors where emissions are hard to reduce. Hydrogen molecules can help to store energy in order to support the intermittent energy supply from renewable energies. It can act as fuel for heating in cases where electrification is not possible or not cost-effective. And it can serve as a source material for power generation and in industrial processes, which require intense heat.

The current areas of application for hydrogen:
Hydrogen can be produced in a CO2 neutral manner, it can be efficiently and safely stored with tried and tested technology, and it can be flexibly converted into electricity and heat without local emissions.

Generation through renewable energies:

  • Decarbonisation of traffic
  • Decarbonisation of industry
  • Decentralised electricity and heating for end consumers

Therefore, it is now high time to recognise the potential of hydrogen and not to miss the best moment to invest.

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